A battle scene during the Great Northern War 1700 - 1721

A battle scene during the Great Northern War 1700 - 1721

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

East Germans in 1/87

I finally gave in.. I've been watching the East German frontier guards from Preiser at my local hobby shop a long time but never bought them since they are made in the "wrong" scale 1/87. They are even smaller than what I'm used to, 1/72. But my curiosity finally took over and I bought them the other day.

In the box there are six figs in six different poses. Some arms and equipment are seperate and needs to be glued. And they are small! (20 mm in height). In the box there are also a frontier marker post, a guard dog and some signs made in paper that you can glue on walls, road signs or similar.

Of course, if I got the figs in 1/87 they will also need vehicles of some sort in 1/87 :-D  I searched the internet and found a lot of things in scale 1/87; it is after all the prefered scale for train hobby enthusiasts. Most were civilian stuff, but there are a few military minis in 1/87. The best I found for my new figs were made by Herpa, a big producer of vehicles in 1/87. They have a little series of mini vehicles for the East German army and I ordered a couple of Trabants and a russian made UAZ 452 van. Seems like Herpa are continuing the old Minitanks line (originally released by Roco?).

Let's see what else will come in 1/87 in the future...

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