A battle scene during the Great Northern War 1700 - 1721

A battle scene during the Great Northern War 1700 - 1721

Saturday, June 9, 2012

An interesting eye-witness account

 I'm currently reading the memoars of a Swedish Waffen-SS volounteer, Erik Wallin. The book was originally titled "Ragnarök" and was written shortly after the war. He served on the eastern front from 1943 all the way to the end in Berlin 1945, defending the city centre. I'm reading a recent Swedish edition called Berlins sista timmar (Berlin's final hours). The memoars are also published in english, but I haven't seen the book myself. The English title is apparently Twilight of the Gods: A Swedish Waffen-SS volunteer's experiences with the 11th SS-panzergrenadier division Nordland, eastern front 1944-1945.
    Understandibly the memoars are biased and the comments on the Soviets and western allies aren't positive. But it's a very interesting account of the desperate battles to hold the line in the east and putting the hopes to new weapons being promised by the nazi leadership. It also gives an interesting insight in the minds of a Waffen-SS volunteer and why he and others continued to fight until the end. I haven't finished the entire book yet, but from what I've read so far I can really recommend it for all interested in WWII.

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